White or black magick

What's the difference? In the Biblical sense...Witchcraft, Sorcery and Necromancy are the three occult practices most commonly mentioned, and forbidden, in the Bible.

Webster’s dictionary (at least at one time) and other sources give basically this description of the three: Witchcraft; magic preformed using evil spirits; Sorcery; magic conducted by use of evil spirits or the Devil; and Necromancy; magic using evil spirits to raise the dead. If we take both sources into consideration all three methods are forbidden (or Black Magic) only when they are conducted through the aid of Satan and/or evil spirits.

Magic is found often in the Bible and is considered 'okay' or a 'miracle' when worked through God. As an example we have the story of Moses before the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh has his magician cast down his staff and it becomes a snake. Moses does the same with his staff and it too becomes a snake, which immediately devours the Pharaohs snake...implying that God's magic is stronger than Pharaohs. By this verse alone...it is made known that magic is in the world and that it can be worked with, or without, Gods help.

Witchcraft, Sorcery or Necromancy...conducted through the use of Satan or evil spirits is considered 'Black Magic'. In the more modern sense, any spell or ritual that brings harm, discord or death or that attempts to force someone to do something that is known to be against their will, is also considered by most to be Black Magic. "Do What Thou Wilt Yet Harm No One" is the credo of 'White Witchcraft'. It signifies the ability to work white magic as long as (because) it harms no one...if harm is caused, it would then become black magic.

In addition, there is the belief that magick which attempts to 'force' the spirits to obey is considered Black Magic, such as VooDoo. While magick that seeks the willing aid of spirits by striving to be knowledgeable and worthy of their assistance is considered White Magick, such as most forms of Kabbalistic Magic.


Examples of 'White Magick' would be spells and rituals of a 'positive' nature. Designed to bring good and/or calling on the higher powers of Light. These include spells and rituals involving Love, the generation and promotion of life and spells/rituals concerning wisdom, knowledge etc.

Examples of 'Black Magick' are spells and rituals of a 'negative' nature and those that call on the forces of Darkness. These include cursing or hex spells, spells that try to force someone to do something they clearly would not do and spells/rituals associated with death and discord. Of coarse, spells/rituals involving evil spirits or the Devil are also Black Magick.

For the most part those who walk the path of magick must decide for themselves what is 'White' and what is 'Black'. There is no clear cut distinction. It is a fine line that separates the two and is easily, even accidentally, crossed if not careful. There are warnings given in most magical occult texts that suggest the soul will suffer should the individual slip over the line from 'White' magic into 'Black' magic. History is full of people who have done just that!

The information listed on this page has been gathered from Pagan to Biblical sources
and represents the best opinions to be found on the subject.