Using Crystal Balls

About Crystal Balls: The word Crystal is Greek and means 'frozen water' or 'clear ice' which as early as the 4th century B.C. is what the Greeks believed clear crystal to be. It was later called quartz or rock crystal. For gazing purposes, quartz crystal, glass, mirrors and water have been used for thousands of years to foretell future events and gain mystic insights. You do not have to use quartz crystal and glass spheres are suitable for gazing. However, many believe quartz crystal to be like a magnet for psychic energies and influences and this is why most mediums and clairvoyants prefer to use quartz crystal balls.

Basically there are four types commonly used. One is the low cost solid glass gazing ball. These are fine as long as they are free from bubbles and the distortion level is tolerable. The second type is made from 'lead' crystal or a mixture of this and glass. These are fine as long as they too are bubble and distortion free and are not darkly tinted. The third type is the reconstituted quartz crystal balls. For most, these are the best option as the cost is low while still consisting of pure quartz. Reconstituted means it is pure quartz that is ground, heated and then reformed into a sphere shape. The fourth type is the pure quartz spheres. These are much more expensive and never completely clear. They contain (beautiful) inclusions that give it that 'ice' look mentioned by the Greeks. Some people love these for gazing as they are pure quartz in its natural form. Others don't like the inclusions for gazing and prefer a completely clear sphere.

Selecting a Crystal Ball: In short, the large ones can be expensive and small ones can strain the eyes and make gazing/reading more difficult. For those just starting out a 3" crystal ball is a good starter size. The more experienced readers usually prefer the 4" - 5" sizes as they are easier on the eyes and provide a larger 'screen' on which to project images. We don't recommend spheres smaller than 2" for crystal gazing.

Cleaning: When purchasing a crystal ball the first thing that should be done is to clean it. To do this use a soft cloth and any non-abrasive, mild soap. Most dishwashing liquids are fine for this. Gently scrub the crystal and when finished dry with a soft cloth.

Charging: Never let the crystal come into contact with direct sunlight!! This weakens its magnetism and can eventually render it powerless or unable to draw images. When you first purchase a crystal ball (and as often as possible) it should be 'charged'. This increases its connection to the psychic/clairvoyant world and its magnetic abilities to draw images. To do this clean it first and then set it where it will soak up moon rays. Do this during any New Moon. It will be even more powerful if charged during an eclipse or other rare astronomical event. Also do not let others handle or touch the sphere as this weakens its charge and your personal influences within the crystal.

Storage: We recommend you store gazing balls in any light proof box, wrapped in dark cloth. Never store below 55 degrees F.

Using the Crystal Ball...

Location: Use a clean, calm room where you will not be disturbed that is free from outside noise. It should be dimly lit so that excessive light won't interrupt images in the crystal. Not dark...just softly lit, this also relaxes the eyes which improves your ability to focus into the sphere. For those just learning to use the Crystal Ball it is advised to practice alone as others can weaken or distract your psychic awareness while practicing. You should also start out using the same location, position, lighting and even the same time of day as this will help keep the environment consistent with less distractions.

Position: We recommend you place the crystal on a table, with or without a stand, and on top of a dark surface such as a dark colored piece of velvet or cloth. One of the most important things is to be comfortable when using the crystal ball. Adjust the height and distance so that you are comfortable, with no eye strain. Usually placing the sphere about 10 - 14 inches from you and a few inches below your eyes is best. The back of the sphere should be towards the light, never use it with the sun at your back or shining on the crystal face as this can distort images or make them difficult to see.

Mental Preparation: For this we recommend you use Step One from our Ability Development pages. It is very important to relax the body and place the mind in a receptive state. This is the key to using many psychic abilities including crystal gazing.

Gazing: Once you are in a calm state with quiet surroundings begin to look into the crystal. Stare deeply into its center and focus your thoughts there. Try to clear your mind of all thoughts as you stare at its center. 'Feel' as if you were waiting for a phone call or looking for the first light of the television as it is turned on. This is a passive/receptive state that helps to draw images into the crystal. Maintain this state, looking into the crystal for several minutes at a time. If possible, concentrate also on a feeling of being 'receptive'. Picture you and the crystal as empty bowls waiting for water to pour in.

If your eyes begin to strain take a break, look away or close them for a few moments and then try again. Most people will require a great deal of practice before images will truly appear. This is normal! Through frequent practice your body and mind will become better and more receptive at reading the that eventually without even trying your mind and body will be in the correct state, which allows the psychic senses to increase and be more easily focused and used by you. Use the crystal ball for ten to fifteen minutes at a sitting until you are proficient. To be good at gazing you will need to have the body and mind in a calm state, practice often and be patient! In time, most anyone can develop this ability.