All oils are suitable for magic, religious and aromatherapy purposes. However, please note:

Essential Oils should only be used internally if you know how to use them!
Carrier Oils are organic and may safely be used internally in small amounts.
Fragrance Oils are chemical blends that should NEVER be taken internally!!
Spell Oils contain varying ingredients and should NEVER be taken internally!!

Essential Oils: Pure oil extracted from plants. These type of oils are 100% Pure organic extracts. They contain no synthetic materials and they should be used carefully! In most cases, they should not be used unless diluted with a Carrier Oil. Essential Oils are extracted from the original plant using different methods, including: S/E = Solvent Extraction S/D = Steam Distillation C/P = Cold Pressed

Note: Our Essential Oils are shipped to us from Certified (EEC) wholesalers. They are 100% Pure and free from ANY type of contaminants! Essential oils are used in spell casting and ritual magic that requires 'pure ingredients only'. They are also, in the opinion of many, the best product to use for Aromatherapy purposes.

Carrier Oils: Sometimes called 'base' oils these are made from Vegetable, Nut or Seed Oils. These oils are similar to what many people know as Vegetable or cooking oil. Like vegetable oil, each has a very slight scent and again like vegetable oil, they may be used to cook foods in. They are also used to dilute or mix with Fragrance and Essential Oils so they are safe for use as message oils, ointments and more.

Note: Again, these oils are mostly...oil, with very little scent, and are normally used as a 'base' for adding other ingredients, scents and oils to.

Fragrance Oils: Now days this term is widely used to describe synthetic oil blends that are designed to smell like a natural (or real) scent. For example a Strawberry Fragrance oil is an oil designed to smell like strawberries but has no real strawberry (essential) oil in it. Basically the term is used to represent any scented oil that is not considered a PURE Essential Oil or Carrier oil. This includes synthetic blends that mimic animal scents as well.

Originally the term Fragrance Oil was applied to natural oils that were of animal origin and widely used in the perfume industry for their unique and potent scent. They were/are also used in many occult, mystical and orthodox religions dating back thousands of years.

Note: Fragrance Oils will usually smell better or stronger than Essential Oils. But the Fragrance Oil is not a Pure and natural ingredient. Which type of oil to use will depend on your needs. As an example, if you want something to have a wonderful Lavender scent, a Fragrance oil is probably best. But if you want the calming, medicinal, effects associated with Lavender, a pure Essential Oil should be used.

Spell Oils: These are oils we blend ourselves using combinations of the above oils and other ingredients such as herbs, woods and resins (do not take internally!). They have been researched from occult manuscripts, and/or experience, and we believe them to be some of the most powerful and accurate spell oils available. These Oils are suitable for use in all magickal practices.