Strange But True

This a page where we will, from time to time, post information and/or links to unusual (true) stories and mysteries for your consideration.

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We simply post the ones that contain at least some relevant information to the subject mentioned.

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The Curse of the Omen - A real life curse? Remember the first movie 'The Omen"? This video points out the many people who died which were associated with the production of the movie. Some people condsider these merely coincisences. Decide for yourself?

YouTube Video: The Curse of the Omen

The Devil's Bible - 'the largest medieval manuscript in existance', 3 feet long and weighing 165 pounds. Of unknown authorship but believed to have been the work of one writer. Contains Biblical books as well as magical spells etc.

YouTube Video: The Devil's Bible

Lightning Strikes Vatican - For the first time in over 600 years a Catholic Pope resigns. A few hours later lightning strikes St. Peters Basilica at the Vatican (twice) and is captured on film. 2/12/2013.

YouTube Video: Lightning Strikes Vatican

Prophcey of St. Malacy - Irish bishop who predicted a total of 112 Popes (of which the current Pope would be the last one), including brief descriptions of each, before the end of the world and/or Catholic church. If you are interested in this subject we encourage you to find additonal sources and books on the The Prophcey of St. Malacy.

YouTube Video: Prophcey of St. Malachy

Saint Bernadette Soubirous of Lourdes - An uneducated Catholic girl claims to see visions of Mother Mary who tells her to dig at a certain spot in the earth. She does and finds water and what is now considered one of the most famous healing springs in the world. After her death she was inturred in a glass coffin where, more than 130 years after her daeth she still shows almost no sign of decomposition.

YouTube Video: Bernadette Soubirous Documentary

YouTube Video: Miracles At Lourdes (France)

YouTube Video: Bernadette Soubirous Body

YouTube Video: Movie Song of Bernadette

The Coral Castle - Area built by one man (dedicated to the girl who broke his heart) using stones up to 70 tons each with little or no modern equipment. He claimed he knew the secret to how the Egyptian Pyramids were built.

YouTube Video: In Search of the Coral Castle

Did you know... Albert Einstein, considered one of the worlds smartest scientists, believed that it was statistically impossible for the world and humans to be here by 'accident'. He maintained that some form of 'intelligent design' must have been involved.

Did you know...There is no certain proof that we came to be here through 'evolution'. That is why it's called the 'Theory' of Evolution.

Did you know...Even those who support the 'Theory of Evolution' cannot explain the extremely short (in 'evolutionary terms') period of time in which we, homo-sapiens, appeared. According to that theory it took millions of years for gradual changes to occur which eventually allowed us to walk upright and grow smarter. However homo-sapiens, specifically Cro-Magnon (our supposed closest descendant) seems to have suddenly appeared about 35,000 years ago, after the abrupt end of the Neanderthal.

This would mean that in the last 35,000 years, humans evolved from Cro-Magnon, into the modern human we all know and love. Mathematically this does not fit into the 'theory of evolution' because all other changes are believed to have taken millions of years to accomplish. To try to explain this some have stated there must be some kind of a "missing link", or an 'unknown' strain of humans from which modern humans must have descended from.

Did you know...There are legends, myths and Biblical references to 'Giants' that existed before modern humans. The bones of 'giant' animals have been discovered in Africa. These included sheep with a distance of seven feet between the horns and gorilla teeth the size of a small fist. (Colliers Encyclopedia, yearly edition during the 50's and 60's, archaeology section).

Did you know...No one actually knows how the Great Pyramid in Egypt was built. Again, it's all theories. Creditable investigators such as Peter Tompkins mention several informed opinions that state it probably could not have been built solely by humans and/or without some form of what might be called 'supernatural assistance'. Ancient rumors held that the Great Pyramid originally contained secret information.

Coincidentally, the man who built the 'Coral Castle' located in Florida, was known to have 'secretly moved rocks weighing several tons by himself, with no equipment. He claimed he knew how the Egyptian pyramids were built.

Did you know...The civilizations of the Sumerians, Egyptians, Minoans and Jews are the oldest known. No one knows exactly where these groups came from.

Did you know...Some 'documentaries' claim that during the middle ages as many as 300,000 people were burnt at the stake or put to death as witches. A complete research of the records shows this is greatly exaggerated. It is more likely that between 30,000 and at most 50,000 were put to death. This was still a tragedy, but not the epidemic and 'martyrdom' claimed by some in the media. We would also remind people that Joan of Arc was burnt as a witch, and was not one. It is doubtful if one tenth of those accused or killed for witchcraft were actually witches. Most were innocent victims of politics and/or money. The true witches and those involved with occult subjects tended to be very secretive. They were neither well known nor easy to identify.