Stone Association

These associations are drawn from many sources...Wicca and Pagan as well as the writings of Albertus Mangus and Kabbalists of the middle ages.

Agate - Used to draw strength and courage and also used for protection.

Amber - Used to draw finnancial success and self-confidence. A powerful, energitic stone it increases leadership and management abilities.

Amethyst - Wonderful healing stone which also promotes inner peace and serinity. Very good at drawing positive energies.

Aquamarine - Used to draw leadership and courage as well as to calm the nerves and increase intelligence.

Black Obsidian - Used to protect against black magic & negative forces.

Black Onyx - Used for protection in battle and against those directing harm at an individual.

Carnelian - To calm fear, ease depression, bring good health and protection from accidents.

Citrine - Draws abundance and good fortune. Full of positive energy.

Clear Quartz - Used to increase and focus magical, spiritual and physical energy. Full of positive energy.

Emerald - Used to strengthen love between two people, increase growth and build courage.

Flourite - Rainbow Flourite is used to calm, relieve tension and relax. It is also useful in charging other crystals.

Garnet - Used to incite passion, raise emotions and increase love between two people, relieve tension, increase creativity and achieve success in battle.

Hematite - Used for healing, stress relief and as a grounding stone.

Jade - Used to draw prosperity, money, wisdom, love, healing and long life.

Lapis Lazuli - Used to relieve depression and fatiuge. Good for calming the emotions.

Moonstone - Used to raise intuition and gain enlightenment. It also draws luck and helps with insomnia. Serves as protection for journeys involving water.

Rose Quartz -Used to attract love and romance. It has long been known as a stone that warms the heart and builds affection.

Smokey Quartz - Another excellent healing stone. Repairs physical and emotional damage as it draws energy and personal strength.

Tiger Eye - Used for protection against spiritual influences and negative energies.

Turquoise - Used for increasing energy and to increase meditational abilities.

White Quartz - Used for purification and consecration. Great for neutralizing negative energy!