Love Drawing Oil

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Love Drawing Oil

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Use to Draw the
Love of another

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Spell Oil - Love Drawing Oil - Use to draw and increase Love. May be used to draw the Love of a specific person, or to draw 'Love in general'. When used expect increased feelings of Love to come from someone, depending on your abilities.

Suggested Use - May be worn as perfume or cologne, or write the name of the person you wish to attract on a small piece of paper then place a drop of the oil on the paper. Place the paper under a green candle and burn candle at least 15 minutes (preferably on a Friday during a New Moon), then remove paper and burn it in the candle flame while speaking the persons name. Extinguish candle then take a pinch of the ashes from the paper and rub across your heart.

Now available in 5 ml glass vial with removable orifice reducer for $5.99 each, or in 1 oz. Amber dropper bottle for $30.99 each.
Do not take internally!