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Circle Incense

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Spell Incense
used in the Magick Circle


Wiccan Ritual & Spell Incense

Wicca Circle Incense - Made from100% Natural ingredients: (in parts by volume): Frankincense (4), Myrrh (2), Benzoin (2), Sandalwood (1), Cinnamon (1/2), Rose petals (1/2), Vervain (1/4), Rosemary (1/4), Bay (1/4) and Cassia (1).

This is a Wiccan spell and ritual incense composed of ingredients found among the writings of Scott Cunningham, and portioned according to the 'parts' specified. It is not designed to smell good (though it might).

Fine to coarsely powdered, must be burnt on charcoal - 1 1/4 oz.