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Spell Incense

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Used to Charge
magical influences of an item


Pagan Ritual & Spell Incense

Charging Incense - Burn this incense while pulling your candles, stones, tools, amulets etc. through the smoke to charge, empower or increase the magical influences associated with the item. To do this, focus on the image, thought, intention or emotion the item is connected with while pulling it through the incense smoke.

To empower an item to its fullest extent - pull item through Purification Incense to cleanse negative influences from new or used tools. Then pull item through Consecration Incense to dedicate and sanctify it for magical use. Follow this by using the Charging Incense to increase magical influences drawn to or directed from the item.
Many individuals use only one of the methods above but we include the entire procedure as an example of how all three Incense Blends are properly used.

This is a Pagan herbal spell incense composed of 100% Natural ingredients used in various Pagan witchcraft practices and primitive religions. It is not necessarily designed to smell good (though it might).

Coarsely powdered, must be burnt on charcoal -3/4 oz.