Spell Candle - Mercury

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Spell Candle - Mercury

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Spell candle use to invoke power & spirits of Mercury


Spell Candle - Mercury. Ingredients are based on the Kabbalistic magic from the book Key of Solomon (and Agrippa) but these ingredients are also widely accepted among many pagan and witchcraft systems making this a great spell candle for most types of magic!

Purple (or 'mixed colors'); is the color of Mercury. Lightly scented pure Beeswax with (pure/natural) Hazelnut Carrier Oil and contains 'mixed metals', which include a small amount each of pure gold, silver, tin, lead, iron and copper. The amount of metals used is very small (but you can see them) and the amount of tin and lead used is not harmful to humans. No additives - 6" tall x 2" diameter, approximately 30 hour burn time!

Custom made to order for you! Each candle is hand made, they do drip! Solid color to the center (not over dipped).

For most spells and rituals use this candle during the first hour of daylight (first Hour of the Day) on Wednesday morning, during a New Moon - Used for spells or experiments involving 'eloquence, intelligence, promptitude in busines, science and divination; wonders; apparitions; and answers regarding the future'. Also used to gain occult knowledge, the hour of inception is the hour of Mercury..

Candle may be burnt at any time to increase these influences. However, candle is strongest when burnt for one hour, beginning at sunrise, as mentioned above.

Please Note:
1 - 10 candles may require 10 - 14 days for domestic delivery.
11 - 20 candles require approximately 14 - 18 days for delivery.
21 - 50 candles may require 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.