These are traditional scents and the characteristics associated with them. Our sources are Wiccan (Gardner, Cunningham and Buckland) and Kabbalah (Key of Solomon, Agrippa etc.) but similar associations are also found among many Pagan cultures and religious beliefs.

Amber to bring success and good fortune.

Cedar to increase courage and victories.

Chamomile to increase intuition, psychic influences & success.

Dragon's Blood to increase lust and passion as well as protection.

Frankincense to draw spiritual influences, achievement and gain knowledge.

Jasmine for Love, luck and attraction.

Lavender to relieve stress, increase attraction and draw love.

Musk used to increase passion and love.

Myrrh for healing and protection.

Peach to draw peace and contentment.

Rose to increase romance, health and positive influences.

Sandalwood to purify and consecrate.

Vanilla to draw intellect and wisdom.

Verbena to draw Love.