There is no "recipe" for an Essential Oil as it is in it's Pure form. However the oils may be used in a varity of ways...a few drops on a light bulb ring, in potpourri, on incense or in your herbs works nicely. When dilluted with a Carrier Oil or in the form of a Perfume they can be worn on the body.

For a Perfume recipe try:
Mix 3 drops Sandalwood Oil, 1 drop Juniper Oil and 1 drop Sweet Orange Oil. Add 30 drops of the purest alcohol you can get, many use 100 proof Vodka. Grain alcohol works nicely if it is available in your state. Stir gently and let this mixture stand for 48 hours. Then add 3 drops distilled or spring water. Let stand for 48 hours or, 4 - 6 weeks if you can, then strain liquid through cheese cloth or coffee filter into your perfume bottle. If it's too strong after a few days, add a few more drops of distilled water.

For a Massage Oil recipe try:
Take 4 drops Lavender Oil, 2 drops Rosemary Oil, and 2 drops of Sweet Orange Oil. Mix the essential oils first then add to 20ml (1/3 oz) of Apricot Oil (or any Carrier Oil of your choice). Shake before use. Rub onto skin to invigorate and relax the muscles.

For a Spell Oil recipe try:
Love Spell...use 2 drops of your Astrological Oil, 2 drops of their Astrological Oil and add 2 drops of either Venus Oil or our Attraction Oil. Mix and place 2 - 6 drops of this on your Incense and burn when dry, or place on Herbs and burn on charcoal. You can also take the oil mixture and add 30 drops of Alcohol, let stand 2 days then add 3 drops distilled water and let stand a week. Strain and wear as a perfume to draw together and attract emotion between the two for whom the oil/perfume was designed.

The difference between an Oil and a Perfume?
Oils...will often retain a strong smell for days or more. Use with caution.
Perfumes...will smell stronger, for a shorter period of time, usually from 20 minutes to 3 or 4 hours, then remain suttle until washed off.
Spell Oils...are oils designed to attract specific influences and/or spirits to aid in a purpose. Spell Oils can also be made into Perfumes.