In short, our magical 'philosophy' is to use only methods and observences that are documented, cross refrenced and tested when it comes to both our in house products and the information we supply.

Magick in modern America has become splintered into every imaginable belief someone can dream up. Ironic that at a time in human history when we have the knowledge and means to bring magick into the light, commercialism and individual arrogance have further clouded it in darkness.

We encourage all who take an interest in magickal subjects to study, experiment, test and learn. All people can work magick or develop metaphysical talents and our goal is to help others to do this. We encourage all to learn and/or test, then judge for themselves the results of a 'system, belief or method' which some might call "magickal". Too often people accept what someone else tells them simply because they do not have the ambition to find things out for themselves.

'Mental laziness' leads people to accept many things based on someone else's opinions, body language or air of confidence. Whether it's politicians who tell them one thing then do another or Magickal systems that don't's easier to accept or reject ideas based on what we think of someone's chrisma or personality than to spend the time involved to draw our own conclusions based on research and fact.

Historically, magic, like all things human, can be traced back only to the beginnings of civilization. More specifically, only to the time when civilized societies developed writing. Before that time everything else is just a theory, some rational, some ridiculous.

People should keep in mind a few facts where archaeology and our understanding of the past is concerned. For the most part, it has only been in the last few hundred years that archaeology has developed into what is considered an acceptable 'science'. During that time it became a very costly and expensive science to pursue with millions of dollars spent on 'expeditions' to Egypt, Babylon etc. Those dollars come primarily from institutions like colleges and museums...and frankly, those institutions expect results for their money...and traditionally, little concern has been given as to whether the results are honest and accurate, as long as a profit has been made.

Therefore, archaeologist's are under constant pressure to make 'spectacular' finds so that their projects and research can continue. A chunk of stone in a Canaanite village becomes an "altar" and an entire "religion" is dreamed up to justify calling such an object an altar...even though not one scrap of evidence is found to suggest that such a religion ever existed, or even that the stone is an altar.

Has anyone noticed that every unexplained artifact dug up in the last hundred years is a "religious or cult" item? A statue of any kind becomes a god or goddess, and religions are created to support the statement. A table becomes an altar and any kind of symbol or picture becomes a religious icon.

Much of this attitude in archaeology can be attributed to King Tut. Since the truly sensational discovery of his tomb the public in all countries has been hungry for more such finds...and many archaeologists have set out to produce those 'sensational finds' by attaching unsubstantiated theories to even the most insignificant of discoveries.

Lets say an archaeologist unearths a statue and can reasonably date it to an ancient period...then what? In all honesty they can only report back to their financial backers that they have found an ancient statue. Not much sensation there, or further financial backing...pack up the tools, shut down the project and go home. But if they can create an imaginative 'history' behind the item that peaks public interest...the financial backers can make money and the archaeologist can continue working. Sadly, archaeology has largely become a 'history creating business'.

Question everything! If a belief, religion or magical path has verifiable, historical proof of it's existence, it merits further study and consideration. If not? Consider this...

...many people in many nations believe the soul is damned if the individual practices magick or engages in religious/mystical practices outside that societies accepted religious norms. If we assume there could be some grain of truth to that statement, it seems absurd to engage in occult subjects, real or dreamed up, without all the knowledge available on that subject, religion or belief. Better for the soul (and safer) NOT to be involved in ANY religion, belief or organization, if you don't know the facts behind it! Question everything...then make informed choices for yourself as to your beliefs, religions, politics etc.

You will learn more and have more to offer others, as well as keep the mind and body in a more balanced state, by gaining knowledge and making informed decisions in life...magick is no exception!