About Our Oils...

For details on individual oil types please see our Oil Terms page.

Our Essential Oils are selected from EEC Certified suppliers. They are suitable for magical and aromatherapy purposes.

Many of our Spell Oils are blended by us! They are unique spell oil blends based on researched recipes found among Wicca, Pagan and Kabbalist sources.

The Astrological Spell Oils may contain any combination of Essential, Fragrance or Carrier Oils and may also contain herb or minerial ingredients. They are based on scent associations found among traditional occult and witchcraft sources for each Astrological Sign.

The Planetary Spell Oils are made from all natural ingredients. This will be a pure Essential Oil base and may have herbs or minerals added. For example a small pinch of Dragon's Blood resin is added to the Mars Spell Oil. These blends are found in Kabbalist traditions but are also common to many pagan practices.

As with our herbs, we go to great lengths to assure NO cross contamination between our oils. We use seperate containers, measuring graduates and eye droppers for each individual oil so as to assure that one oil never gets blended accidentally with another oil!

Our prices will sometimes be higher, and sometimes lower than our competitor's. This is because on low cost oils that are common and easily available, we shop for the best prices as the quality will be about the same everywhere. A good example would be our Almond Oil. It is inexpensive and the quality varies little between "lower" and "higher" grade Almond Oils. We supply a 'mid' grade at a very good price.

On the higher priced oils we buy only the best oils available. An example of this would be our Sandalwood Oil which is one of the best in the world.

Because of these buying practices our prices may sometimes appear higher than similar (named) essential oils found elsewhere. But, this will almost certainly be because we are offering a higher quality product.