Ordering/Return Policies

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We do not print a catalog, products are added or discontinued weekly and we simply can not keep a catalog up to date.

We do not sell wholesale but on some products, purchased in larger quantities, we do offer discounts.


We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. Any of these payment methods can be used at our shopping cart during the checkout process.

We also accept Money Order payments (see below).

During the Check-Out process you will be offered the option to use either a credit card or Paypal as payment.

We do accept international orders from most countries however additional shipping fees may be requested.

We do NOT accept personal checks!

We reserve the right to cancel and refund any transaction.

If the Billing Address supplied with a purchase is not on file with the bank issuing the credit card used to make a purchase, the transaction may still be declined within 48 hours of purchase, EVEN if you receive a card and transaction approval through our shopping cart.

When using a credit card you will receive an email confirmation from Verisign, our secure internet credit card processor, which will reach you minutes after your credit card approval. Email conformation is automatic and is something we have no control over. Credit Card purchases are billed at the time of purchase. This is also done by Verisign and is also something we have no control over. Additional verification may be required on large purchases. The verification email will state the total amount of purchase only and no information on the individual items purchased. You will not receive any emails from us unless a question or problem should occur with your order.

We DO NOT give out or sell your information! We believe companies that do this have no integrity and we encourage everyone to boycott companies that spam your email!

Note: If you do not receive a package because you gave us an incorrect or incomplete shipping address we will be unable to issue a refund or replace the order. Please be sure to provide correct shipping information at the time of purchase.


The 'shipping & handling' charge includes postage, box, tape, labels, ink and those dreadful stryofoam packing peanuts that ensure our items arrive to you in perfect condition. You can expect to receive your order in 5 - 8 days. We ship Money Order purchases when Money Order clears the bank, allow two - four weeks for delivery on Money Order purchases. Additional delays may occur during holidays and/or if we are out of stock on an item. Any delay longer than 12 days and we will contact you with details.

All packages are shipped discreetly with plain labeling, no art work and our name abbreviated as TMC to protect your privacy.

Out Of Stock & Backorder Policy

If an you purchase an item that is out of stock we will notify you of this. We willoffer you the option for a substitution if something similar is available, and/or a full refund will be issued. If you order an item that we are out of stock on but that we expect to have in 1 week or less, we will include it in your purchase total and ship it separately as soon as possible, at no extra charge to you. If we believe a shipment will take more than 10 days to reach you we will notify you by email with additional information.


Satisfaction is guaranteed and we will refund the purchase price for items returned to us within 3 weeks of the date of purchase. We do not give refunds on custom or perishable items such as candles, incense, oils, herbs, resins, woods and soap.

You will have to pay return postage and ship us the item.

A 10% restocking fee, plus our original shipping fees, will be deducted from the total amount paid before any refund is issued. All gold items are now Special Order only and non-refundable! Once the purchase of a gold item is made the jeweler will begin the work and no refunds will be accepted. Because of this please be sure you know the correct size when ordering a gold ring!

Please contact us by email to get an approval for any refund requested.

Money Orders

Money Order purchases must be issued in U.S. Dollars! If possible they should also be purchased from a U.S. bank which can be found in many large cities world-wide.If the money order is not purchased from a U.S. bank we may be unable to process your order, and the money order may be returned to you.

To be sure of correct shipping charges it may be easiest to use the shopping cart and place items into the cart. Then print the shopping cart page and send it along with a Money Order for the total to:

Please contact us by email for our shipping address and any additional information required for Money Order purchase. Our shipping address may change, so please be sure to get the updated address for sending Money Order purchases.


To order by Money Order:

First contact us for current mailing address (we may have moved). Once you have that...

Include Money Order, item number, item name and item cost, plus $10.00 for shipping ( $7.00 for all jewelry orders). If ordering large or heavy items additional postage may be required. Please include your email address in case we need to contact you (again, we would never sell or give away the personal information of our customers).

Be sure to include your Shipping Address with any order sent!