kabbalist association

Our chart on Kabbalistic Magickal refrences is taken first from The Key of Solomon, then from Agrippa, Mathers, Crowley, Abano, Levi etc...

Planet Day Color Wood Metal Sephirot/Qualities
Sun Sunday Gold or Yellow Laurel Gold TIPHARET - Beauty, Equilibrium
Moon Monday Gray or Silver Willow Silver YESOD - Foundation, Passion, Truth
Mercury Wednesday Purple, Brown or "mixed" Hazelwood Mercury/Quicksilver, or "mixed metals" HOD - Truthfulness, Communication
Venus Friday Green Myrtle Copper NETZACH - Victory, Endurance, Eternity, Prophecy
Mars Tuesday Red Cedar Iron GEBURAH - Strength, Justice
Jupiter Thursday Blue Oak or Box Tin CHESED- Mercy, Kindness
Saturn Saturday Black Pine or Juniper Lead BINAH - Understanding, Reason, Intelligence
Earth --- ------ --- --- MALCHUS - Kingdom, Beginnings
Neptune --- Gray Musk --- KOCHMA - Wisdom, Revelation
Uranus --- --- --- --- Sudden transition, Recklessness, Inspiration
Pluto --- White Ambergris --- KETER - Change, Spirit, Will