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International Orders

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International Shipping


We do ship Internationally to most countries!

However our shopping cart Does Not automatically add additional shipping fees for international shipments, and we are not able to add additional fees to a purchase once it is sent to us.

If additional funds are needed you will need to add them manually. This can be done during a transaction by using the International Shipping button which will appear at the top of our shopping cart After an item has been placed into the cart.

Additional fees can also be sent to us after a purchase is made by clicking on the International Shipping button located at the bottom of our Home Page.

If you are not sure if additional fees will be needed please contact us by EMAIL for the correct shipping charges on the items you wish to purchase. Please include item number found at the bottom of each item or thumbnail picture.

We will email you the total and if additional shipping is required you may add any additional fees here, in $7.00 amounts.

Simply 'Add To Cart' the $7.00 shipping charge and adjust the 'Quantity' to any additional amount necessary.

Lightweight orders, such as single item jewelry orders, require no additional shipping fees.

We ship internationally on a 10 - 14 day delivery schedule. However, due to the different Customs policies of each country deliveries can take between 2 and 6 weeks. Most international delivers arrive in 2 - 3 weeks.

Payment must be in U.S. Dollars. If using Paypal or credit card, transactions are automatically converted to USD at the time of purchase. However, if payment is made by check or money order, funds must be issued in USD which your bank, or a bank near you, should be able to do for you.

We are NOT responsible for any additional delays or fees imposed by the destination country!