Galangal Oil

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Galangal Oil

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Greater Galangal Oil
from Thailand


Essential Oil - Galangal Oil, Alpinia galanga, Citrus, pine like scent used for Protection and for making Abramelin Oil from the occult book called; The Book of Abramelin, used by Aleister Crowley and S. L. MacGregor Mathers - 5 ml blue glass vial with removable orifice reducer.

High priced oils such as Thailand Galangal, Blue Chamomile and Indian Sandalwood etc. do not sell as fast as lower end oils. Because of this we do not keep these oils in stock as we prefer to order them in fresh from our suppliers at the time a customer makes a purchase. Because of this please allow 1 week for delivery.

When using an Essential Oil externally always dilute with a Carrier Oil or Distilled Water before use. Never use internally unless exact dosages and side effects are known!