These are the colors and associations we use for our Charged Spell Candles.

The same associations also apply to most gemstones.

This information comes from Wicca, Pagan & Kabbalah sources.

Black in Pagan magic is associated with black magic and the casting of a hex or curse. In Kabbalist magic black may also be used for
Spiritual Protection. Use in spells involving Spiritual Protection, the projection of discord, loss, destruction, negative emotions & evil.

Blue to preserve Health, gain riches and draw tranquility. Use in spells related to finding treasure, success and opening the subconscious.

Gray/Silver to increase Intuition, psychic abilities and to draw metaphysical forces. Burn a Gray candle to increase psychic influences.
Use in spells that involve spirit contact, the preventing of actions, journey by water and rendering things harmless.

Green to bring Love, luck, fertility and growth. Use in spells related to Love, marriage, fertility, finance, planting & gardening.

Orange to draw Happiness, joy, laughter and feelings of well-being.

Pink to draw Peace and to calm emotions. Use in spells that involve love, kindness, sympathy and peace.

Purple to draw mystical understanding and to increase Knowledge. Use in spells related to gaining knowledge and occult wisdom,
or for beginning things.

Red to draw good Health, sexual Passion and Protection from harm. Use in spells related to curing disease, protection,
military victories and projecting anger or hostility.

Yellow/Gold draw all types of Success (including financial), confidence and Courage. Use in spells related to success, gain and achievement.

White to draw Intuition, Enlightenment, truth, sincerity and forgiveness. Also used in spells that involve Purification and Consecration.