candle magic

Candles can be used for spell casting in a variety of ways. From the individual person using a single candle and a simple complicated rituals involving many people, multiple tools and several candles.

Be sure to place your candles on a burn proof surface that will catch the drippings! As a spell or ritual is conducted the candle draws and sends the influences focused on it, in it's flame, heat, movement of air and the drips that break free. The candle can be used to either project a desired influence, spell, emotion...outwards, or it to draw certain influences, spirits, emotions, etc...towards itself. The same is true of incense and oils/scents but the candle has the benefit of fire...which is great for projecting and attracting metaphysical influences!

Candle Spells

Simple Purification Spell - Use to purify a home, room or item so that it will be free of negative influences. Select a White Candle (the more you use the more energy generated)...any white candle will do but they should be white, not clear or colorless. Adding a drop of Sandalwood oil either to the candle (rub across top) or burn sandalwood incense to help strengthen this spell. Place the candle on a holder and light it. While doing so say the words, "Sanctify and purify; begin again anew", repeat 3 times then blow out the candle and blow any smoke into the room, or onto the item. The area or item is now ready for new influences to occupy it.

Strong Love Spell - Burn a Green Candle on a Friday morning at sunrise during the New Moon. Focus on the person desired and say, "Light and flame spark love in thee; guide you on your way to me", repeat 6 times. To strengthen this spell...blow out the candle and drip some of the wax on a copper coin. Place the coin somewhere near where the person will pass. You can also burn some of our Venus Incense with a few drops of the Venus Spell Oil to increase spell potential even more!

Safe Journey Spell... Conduct this spell a few hours before departure. Light a Brown Candle...this will draw spirits and influences which aid in travel. At the same time light a White Sage Smudge Stick, this purifies the traveler so they may go out into the world in a less offensive state. While holding the Sage walk around in a clock wise circle (If performed on someone else have them set in the circle), while speaking the words, "safe and pure the journey starts, return the same to welcome hearts", repeat 4 times and extinguish the candle and sage. This spell helps to protect from accidents during journeys.