These steps are intended for thosejust starting out or wishing to improve their metaphysical, magickal or psychic abilities. They can be used by the beginner as well as the adept. No matter what path one follows these methods are used, in one form or another, for all magickal workings.

Use these Steps, beginning with the Step 1, to improve Spell casting (all paths), Ritual magic, Crystal ball reading and Psychic development including ESP, intuition and understanding dream imagery etc. All people are capable of these things but in the modern world few actually take the time to open up their psychic/intuitive side and improve or increase these abilities.

The time periods given for each Step are general, and intended only as a starting place. They are divided into roughly four, two days per Step segments, requiring about eight days to complete all four. This is enough time to learn the Four Steps and how they aid in magickal workings...but no where near enough time to realize the potential these methods/Steps can bring. To start with the goal is to understand the Steps and the reasons why they are important, as well as being able to use them. Move from one Step to another when you feel you have achieved these goals.